Since the young age of 5, Breon began falling in love with music, creating a talent of which its potential was yet to be understood. After graduating school and witnessing the rapid rise in his fan base and the strong connections that existed amongst them, he decided to go full-time behind a music career to pursue a dream that was soon to bear fruit.

To summarize Breon's successes thus far, he recently shared stages with various Multi-Platinum Recording Artists, he has been on Top 10 iTunes Charts and played on over 100 FM radio stations nationwide, in some of the biggest markets (including KJLH Los Angeles, CA & KVVF San Francisco, CA).

He has sold and streamed music in over 50 countries along with achieving worldwide success and respect from some of the largest record pools in the business. DJ's in every continent, from Dubai to Australia put Breon into their mixes and immediately upon its release saw more success than many of his industry peers.

His inspiration comes from Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer, Quincey Jones, Prince, Rick James, Tank, Al Greene, Marvin Gaye & The Temptations, to name a few. These have all led him to learn from the best, over time, and being a film composer created sounds that are fresh and catchy for an entirely new experience.

Nick Martin
Nick Martin - Chairman and CEO of NY-LA Scoring & Sound Design Co.

Presently, he has teamed up with Nick Martin, Chairman and CEO of NY-LA Scoring & Sound Design Co. to create an immersive experience, bringing visuals to life in the world of film, TV, commercials, video games and trailers. Since inception, they have collaborated with many of the Top 20 composers leaving a lasting impression.

This is only the beginning..